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IT Services

We know IT challenges can be a headache when you need to focus on your core business.​
Our services are professionally delivered to meet your exact needs. We at ZealTech take the time and study client needs, conduct a comprehensive research before recommending a service or solution. Technology can be of immense help to your business but can also be catastrophic if not properly implemented. That is where ZealTech come in with over 7 years experience of It services and solutions, you're rest assured of the best.

Computer Repairs & Maintenance

Don't despair we repair:


Technological devices have become an integral part of out daily living and sometimes it feels as though part of our life is lost when these devices breakdown or are not functioning as expected.

We maitain, and repair laptops, computers, servers and smart phones. Give us a call lets revive your device for you

Remote IT Support

No Need to leave the comfort of your office or home.

----------------------------Rather than having to physically take your computer to our office, have our certified techs connect to your computer through the internet and resolve the pesky issues plaguing your PC. We guarantee we can get your computer running like new. The connection between you and  our technicians is encrypted so you are very secure. We use trusted and tested remote software.


Be on track:


Be in touch with all the latest technology developments.
New technologies are being developed all the time and so it is not sufficient to run a one-off training session. Regular training needs to take place to ensure that staff are using all the latest technology comfortably and to its full potential. This can be achieved through implementing a customised staff IT training program, and by integrating employee training with IT support.

IT Consultancy

Expert Advice.... A call away..


Sometimes making IT decisions can be a difficult task with so many options to consider.  Speak to ZealTech and we will not only point you to the right direction but assist you in making the right choice as well. With vast experience in the IT field, we sure know what might work, can work and will work. 

We take IT consultancy personal and delight in helping individuals and organisations make the right choice. We cover anything from hardware, networking, Software to solutions and processes.

Hardware & Sotware Procurement

Lets choose the best and cost effective option for you.....


Deciding on what IT equipment or solution to buy is difficult in itself but knowing where to get it and being assured of the quality is more challenging. With so much inferior systems and over-hyped brands in the system, ZealTech will make sure to get you just what you need at an affordable price you did not envisage. We make sure all our procured items are covered by warranty and the return policy is not cumbersome. You're relieved of that buyers regret since we make sure you're satisfied with what we purchase for you.

We procure all IT hardware and software from top and reliable supplieres guaranting you optimum perfomance and reliability. Printers, laptops, copiers, desktops, switches. routers etc

Web Design & Hosting

Let your Online Presence count.


ZealTech designs professional and optimised website that speaks a lot about you or your organization. In today's world, more and more people have access to the internet and are relying on the web to get information, services and products.

ZealTech will help you make your online presence count and get you even closer to your clients with latest web technology and web apps. Our website are dynamic websites and has content management system there by enabling you to have full control of how your website communicate to your online customers.

We design websites for various purposes ranging from eCommerce,online store, entertainment, hospitality, news businesses and personal blogs.

Our hosting comes with mail box to let you communicate with your clients with a professional touch.

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