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About Us

ZealTech Solutions is an Information Technology company in Ghana aimed to deliver working solutions and services to businesses to solve everyday business challenges using technology. The inspiration to start ZealTech came from the passion of using Information Technology to solve business and personal challenges to increase productivity. With over seven (7) years’ experience in the IT industry, I was personally challenged by how much can be achieved by incorporating technology efficiently and effectively into today’s business operations and processes. ZealTech was started to meet the needs of businesses by providing solutions that will greatly enhance and automate their core business processes using technology to reduce manual work that waste a lot of productive hours, thereby increasing efficiency, and productivity to accomplish business goals.         

In the era where technology is leading the way, most businesses have but little choice to incorporate technology into their business operations either partially or fully. The difficulty however is getting the right solution that will produce the desired result in reaching your target, with so many options available. Technology can contribute enormously to the success of your business but if not properly implemented or managed can be very disastrous, that is where ZealTech Solutions comes in by providing you with the expertise and the needed solution that meets your unique need, train and provide the needed support for a productive utilization of the system. This is achieve by studying and understanding client business processes, identify shortfalls and address those shortcomings using the appropriate technology solution or service and enhancing the already existing infrastructure to yield greater results. At ZealTech we believe, to every challenge, there’s an IT solution and the solution must be delivered with zeal.

Company Strategy

  • Purpose: To be a leader in delivering technology solutions and services that actually work, with our clients to increase profitability.

  • Vision: To provide professional Information Technology solutions and services that exceeds the expectations of our clients and to partner with you, achieve your business objectives.

  • Mission Statement: To build a strong partnership with our customers and clients and provide exceptional customer services by providing trusted and reliable technology solutions making the interest of the customer our outmost responsibility as such the customer can trust us to lead his business in the right direction through technology.

  • Core values: We believe in treating our customers with respect and high level of professionalism. We deliver our services with zeal and derive our satisfaction from happy and satisfied customers. We integrate honesty, integrity, business ethics and empathy in all our dealings and never take client needs for granted no matter how long or short our partnership may be, by maintaining a friendly but professional relationship.

  • Goals. Be present in all the ten regions of Ghana to make our services available everywhere it is needed. Be the most reliable and trusted technology solutions and services provider with a good reputation in Ghana and beyond with highly professional employees who share and exhibit the vision.

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