ERP made easy for Retail, Restaurant and Distribution
Grow your business with minimal staff, least skills, 100% accurate and reliable solutions


Re-imagine your business. Redesign a new generation of digital native solutions!

Delight customers

Increased sales as businesses move from Transactional to Experiential Shopping

  •  Frictionless experience from order to delivery, billing to payment 

  • Empower staff with right tools, to work smarter and serve customers better 

  • Serve customers on multiple channels, instore, online and mobile app

  • Increased sales with a POS software with offers, loyalty and flexible payment types Choice of many integrations to differentiate and delight customers

  • Experience simplicity before buying with confidence and assurance


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Manage Efficiently
Agile adoption of tools to transform digitally, for improved profitability, automation, productivity


  • Friction-less on-boarding with a shorter learning curve for employees 

  • Extend the POS software capabilities of your Retail, Restaurant and Distribution business with apps for stock taking, GRN, refill, audit, ordering, billing, delivery, KOT, feedback with retail erp, restaurant erp and distribution erp solution.

  • Technical skills and dedicated team NOT required. Implementation from few hours to few days

  • Affordable, Lowest total cost of ownership

  • Practice mode for agility in adoption and staff training in high-attrition environments

  • Guaranteed data security with Cloud data backup Transform to grow, How ?