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Thermal receipt printer for retaurants and shops

XP-D200H 80mm / 3 inch Line thermal receipt printers

  • Product Model   XP-D200H
    Printing method Direct thermal
    Resolution   576dots/line or 512dots/line
    Character size ANK Character, Font A: 1.5×3.0mm(12×24dot)
    Font B: 1.1×2.1mm(9×17dot)
    Simplified/Traditional: 3.0×3.0mm(24×24dot)
    Power supply    DC24V/2.5A
    Drivers Win 9X/Win ME/Win 2000/Win 2003/Win NT/Win XP/Win Vista/win 7
    Input buffer 128k bytes
    NV flash buffer size 256K bytes
    Auto cutter Yes
    Printing head life 100km
    Working environment temperature (0~45°c) humidity(10~80%)
    Storage environment emperature (-10~60°c) humidity(10~90%)
    Printing speed 200mm/sec
    Paper width  79.5±0.5mm
    Paper external diameter φ83mm
    Weight   1.70kg
    Dimension  190X145X150mm
    Interface(option)  Serial/Parallel/USB/Lan/Serial+USB
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