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Hotel industry worldwide has earned the reputation of being one of the most vulnerable victims of guest credit card data theft. Cyber criminals attack hotel database and other systems seeking guests’ personal and financial information like credit card details and all. In such a scenario, hoteliers should adopt PA DSS Compliant Hotel ERP to safeguard their networks and guests’ details from hackers.

Data thefts at hotels:

Investigations have revealed that guests’ credit card data stored in point of sale are quite easy targets in events of

breaches. According to Trustwave Global Security report, in 2015, point of sale was breached in 45% of cases. Moreover, in 64% of cases, credit card data were compromised in the hospitality sector. More than 12 incidences of data thefts were reported from 2010 to 2015.

Data breaches involving guests’ credit card details have catastrophic impact on a hotel’s business and reputation. Firstly, the hotel’s brand value goes for a toss. Then, guests would not like to stay at the same hotel. So, what are the steps hoteliers should take in order to prevent such incidence? They can adopt PA DSS compliant Hotel ERP to avoid such business threatening crisis.

Review IDS Next’s all-in-one and integrated Hotel ERP

IDS Next’s FortuneNEXT 6i Suite of Hotel ERP is among very few hotel software that is PA DSS Compliant. This means, the hotel software offers AES 128 and SHA 512 bit encryption. Thus, hoteliers can prevent data theft at their premise efficiently.

PA DSS certification is a global security standard created by the Payment Industry Security Standards Council for software vendors who develop payment applications. It also prevents third parties, in this case hotels from storing the guests’ credit card data beyond a certain time frame.

The software encrypts vital data pertaining to the guest’s credit card. Additionally, user level access across all modules up to transactional level can be controlled by the supervisor.

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